Welcome to Lavage Express G.M.

The High-pressure Water Jet Specialist.

In business since 2002, Lavage Express GM offers a service of residential outside cleaning of the walls, gutters, graffitis and pavement, shopping malls, industrials and fleets of trucks. We use a fully biodegradable clinging products approved by Ministère de l’Environnement and poses no danger for your children, animals or plants around your home. 

Our Services

For all type of our cleaning services, Lavage Express GM  offer you a daily, evening and night services. 

Residential Cleaning

Outdoor Residential Cleaning

For your outdoor cleaning, no matter how tough is the job (even in high places), all of our members team are properly trained and use appropriate safety equipments for each situation.

Graffiti Cleaning


For many people, in spite of their ban to degrade the private property, the graffiti artists leave their tracks almost everywhere on buildings and residences deprived. Lavage Express Gm is the solution to erase them of your walls.

Blast Cleaning

Blast Cleaning

Get the stones and pavers of your driveways cleaned. They will look brand new, as if your driveways and walkways had been freshly installed.

Commercial Centers Cleaning

Commercial Centers

A clean shopping mall attracts the clientele. Lavage Express GM makes the outside cleaning in a discreet and effective way with a result which is as high as your expectations.

Institutional and Industrial Establishments Cleaning

Institutional and Industrial Establishments

Some surfaces require particular caution and competence. Lavage Express GM is fully qualified to perform a high-pressure jet cleaning wash done at the standards required by your industry.

Truck & Trailers Cleaning

Trucks & Trailers

You can trust our specialists "Mobile Unit" team to wash tractors, trucks and trailers.